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Current Block 2061 / 206087
Next PoW Time 2019-08-18T11:01:07.614Z
Difficulty Shard/DS 676612215729 / 80420194783817
PoW Workers 66 / 148
ZIL Nodes 3 / 22
Hashrate 11141977320
Average Reward 0.00 ZILs/work

I am a Miner

Step 1: Create a Zilliqa Wallet on

Step 2: Register your Wallet Address and Email

Register Miner

Step 3: Download and extract Download ZILMiner

Step 4: Run ZILMiner with following settings user manual

./zilminer -P zil://[registered address].[worker name]
./zilminer -P zil://


I am a Node Owner

Step 1: Register your Node(s) with Public Key and Email

Register Node(s)

Step 2: Waiting for Authorization email from proxy

Step 3: Run a ZIL Node in Remote Mining Mode, details in Mining Guide,

1. Set REMOTE_MINE to true in constants.xml

2. Set MINING_PROXY_URL to in constants.xml

3. Start your ZIL Node